I emailed Matthewasking if Charlie Hebdo really was racist and

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canada goose uk shop Charlie Hebdo cartoons weren racistFrom what I know about the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo(CH), and from what I’ve recently read about it, it appears to be a left wing, pro immigrant publication that is not racist, anti immigrant, or anti Muslim. It takes the mickey out of canada goose outlet online uk everyone, and while people may find it offensive, its purpose is not, as some claim, to offend. It satirical, which means that there a point canada goose outlet toronto address to their cartoons, even though some might findthem canada goose outlet edmonton in poor taste.And yet we hear from many that CHwas a bigoted “Islamophobic” publication. Indeed, that characterization has beenusedto “explain” (some might say “justify”) the Muslim terrorist attack on the magazine’s artists and journalists. suspected these hair trigger cries aboutpolitical incorrectness came from a failure to appreciate the real politics of Charlie Hebdo, and to understand the context of the cartoons. (I show asomeexamples below.) Now I haven read Charlie Hebdo, nor have I seen every cartoon they ever published, but several articlesI seen led me to believe that their cartoons have been misinterpreted by those eager canada goose outlet in toronto to see racism canada goose kensington parka uk and Islamophobia everywhere.To inquire further, I contactedMatthew Cobb, who writes for this site, lived in France for many years, speaks French fluently, read Charlie Hebdo, and holdsextreme leftist politics (I say he a hairsbreadth from Marxism, but I let him speak for himself). I emailed Matthewasking if Charlie Hebdo really was racist and anti Muslim. If anyone would detect and decry reactionary canada goose outlet houston elements in the magazine, canada goose outlet store montreal it would be Matthew.I first asked him this: must know Charlie Hebdo. Those cartoons are making fun of racism as well as religion, no? Matthew answers are indented below:Yes. they make fun of everything. But be careful, which are ‘those’ cartoons? People canada goose jacket outlet toronto are rolling up whatever provoked the killers (representations of Mohammed) and the total output of CH, which must amount to hundreds of thousands of cartoons.I then asked him, not Le Pen type reactionaries, right? His response:No of course not. They supported and fought for the rights of sans papiers (illegal immigrants). One of the people killed, Oncle Bernard, was an economist who wrote about globalisation, etc etc. canada goose outlet woodbury They are generally on the left, but are not part of canada goose outlet canada any group and would be vicious about everyone. Indeed, the “survivors’ issue” is going to take aim at the JE SUIS CHARLIE business and all their new found “friends” around the world. That is typical.Part of the problem is that this is a weekly paper, responding to the news. So they make comment on very canada goose outlet near me immediate issues, relating to things happening in France. Things then get taken out of context, and are incomprehensible. Here’s an example, explained on a generally good post,I think. What looks like a racist cartoon is in fact taking the piss out of right wing people who were saying that immigrants were having babies to get canada goose outlet london uk child benefits so they drew a caricature of the Boko Haram ‘sex slaves’ with them saying ‘Hands canada goose vest outlet off our welfare handouts!’. I don’t think it’s funny (and it’s certainly not pretty), but it canada goose stockists uk makes a savage point.Even so,one blogger at Patheos used this verycartoon (and others from the magazine) to accuse CH of promulgating sexism, and homophobia. Maybe those folks should become more acquaintedwith Charlie Hebdo before initiating their customaryboutsof rageblogging.Matthew also notes that Charlie Hebdo has savaged the anti immigrantviews of French politician Marine Le Pen:The ‘allocs’ cover was precededandfollowed by anti Le Pen front pages.And justto show that Matthew isn whitewashing the magazine, henotesthis:Starting at upper left and going clockwise, the first cartoon says “Free at last” (and the meaningis clear). According to Matthew, the stripat upper right reads:”Vatican: Another fixed election. ‘Let me down I want to vote!'” canada goose outlet in vancouver Matthew adds: The bottom right one is not quite clear to me. The word balloons say ‘You are God and you don’t have any shampoo’ or ‘You canada goose outlet trillium parka black are God, do you have any shampoo?’ (the former I think). ‘No but hello? What?’ ‘Helloooo?’ Not sure what all this is referring to. (An example of why context is needed!). Why does he have wings? This may be a spoof on an ad.”The strip at the bottom left is also pretty clear, with the header,”The Pope in Rio.” Matthew notes that thePope is saying, “I’ll do anything to get people in.”I clearlydon’t canada goose outlet montreal like Catholicism, but it’spretty big of those Jesuits to reprint satires of Catholicism and then express solidarity with those who produced thosesatires. On that canada goose outlet uk sale page you’ll find the following statement fromtudes:C’est un canada goose outlet winnipeg signe de force que de pouvoir rire de certains traits de l’institution laquelle nous appartenons, car c’est une canada goose outlet manire de dire que ce quoi nous sommes official canada goose outlet attachs est au del des formes toujours transitoires et imparfaites. L’humour dans la foi est un bon antidote au fanatisme et un esprit de srieux ayant tendance tout prendre au pied de la lettre. https://www.gooseyou.com Humour in faith is a good antidote to fanaticism and to an over serious way of thinking that tends to take everything literally.These aren Bill Donohues, the odious Catholicwho more or less said that Charlie Hebdo had it coming because of its Now if some Catholics can accept and even embracethis mockery and you have to admit that the satires above havereal pointsfar beyond merely trying to insult Catholics then why can Muslims do the same?And if there is one thing that everyone in the West frets about, it Islam; it canada goose outlet toronto location Islamism; it our countries relationship with Islam; canada goose outlet location and it our fear of what the future holds in a world where Islam once our neighbour, once our enemy is now part of us.Cabu and the others knew this, and their reaction was to say: well if you part of us, then think like canada goose outlet hong kong us, be like us. Understand that there is a difference between mockery and persecution; that words and pictures are only just that; and that part of the deal is that we rise above offence yes, even when its towards our religion.As I note in mynext piece about Reza Aslan, the like us bit means our democratic values, not going to the mosque and refraining from pork. Schofield ends his piece like this:I miss the world of the anarchic 70s when the worst that could happen when you showed a copulating Christ figure was a letter in Le Figaro from from Aix les Bains. But of course even if CH was racist, sexist, and homophobic, that doesn excuse what happened. But before we trot out theexcuses and explanations for the canada goose outlet ontario brutality of last week, let be clear onwhat Charlie Hebdo was really about.When I was in HS one of my fellow canada goose outlet los angeles classmates was a dagger drawn with our canada goose outlet in chicago Spanish teacher. Our teacher was killed in a traffic accident about half way into the year canada goose uk shop.

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